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Divination, moving meditation, introspection & a little body magic.

A unique experience of the self, through the self, to the self.

Practicing yoga and reading tarot cards are two ways that many people learn to tune in, reflect, and strengthen their connection to themselves and the world around them.

In Jesse's Yoga & Tarot workshops, participants explore the themes and lessons of the Tarot while utilizing the moving meditation of yoga, to cultivate a deeper understanding of our minds, our bodies, and our relationship with the Universe at large.

This workshop is designed to be engaging for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Expect a combination of journaling, active and restorative yoga poses, and reading tarot for yourself & other people. 


You will need a tarot deck (or an app that will draw/pull up cards for you)

Zoom on a computer or phone to connect to the meeting

a yoga mat & any props you have (a blanket or towel, a bolster or pillows, blocks or something to support you)

a journal or something to write with 

Click here to sign up for: Monday December 21st 6pm-8pm & Monday December 28th 6pm-8pm on Zoom 

$60-80 suggested for both, $40-60 suggested for one.

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