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Re-Arranged by Jesse Amesmith

art opening at Ugly Duck Coffee May 4th, 2017

"As Above, So Below" by J. Amesmith, 2017 - Cut paper on board

There are countless ways to interpret & interact with reality. How we translate our inner realm to the world outside is completely unique to everyone, and Jesse Amesmith uses collage to explore this concept. Jesse studied photography & illustration in college before becoming a yoga teacher & bodyworker. She has always been interested in process-based artwork, & when she started cutting up old magazines to make flyers for her band’s shows, something clicked. She enjoys the practice of finding images, deciding how to cut them, where to place them & what they mean in a new context. The balance of design, humor & maximalism Jesse plays with in her work creates a secret world where everything can mean anything, and what emerges is a celebration of the non dualistic nature of reality.

View more of Jesse's work by clicking here. Interested in purchasing AASB or commissions, email her.

Progress "sketches"
On May 4th, 2017 at Ugly Duck Coffee Jesse invited attendees of her re-arranged opening to make their own collages with her “sketches” (half cut or saved pieces for future collages) to see how they view & arrange the world.
View them below, and enjoy!
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